About HFH

Who we are
We are a house in the tradition of the Catholic Worker. The Holy Family House community includes everyone who comes through the doors: regulars, less-frequent visitors, and live-in members.

Our vision
The Holy House is a place where everyone is welcome: an anti-racist, anti-classist, anti-sexist community continually striving for greater integration. We seek to cultivate a space where people from different experiences and ways of life grow in relationship with one another. These relationships, and this space, are joyful, vibrant, fun--and sometimes noisy.

We intend to be a school of radical Christianity: offering community life as an alternative model of living; practicing participatory hospitality, where people work as they are able and receive as they need; and acting as a force for justice beyond our house. We continue to deepen our understanding through ongoing study and discussion.

Our goals
Recognizing that we cannot do everything, we seek to do something, and do it well. We live out the Gospel and our faith by:
  • Living out personalism in our interactions and the structure of the house;
  • Living nonviolently in the face of violence, war, and the pervasive disregard for the dignity and sacredness of life, and cultivating this spirit in the house;
  • Living harmoniously with the earth;
  • Repurposing society’s waste and excess while offering services our neighbors are looking for and food they enjoy;
  • Choosing simplicity over materialism and consumerism;
  • Re-learning the dignity of communal manual labor;
  • Making personal sacrifices toward the common good.
With these goals we seek to create a sustainable way of life for those living here and a space that is life-giving for everyone.

Contact Us
(We may not always have space or need for you to volunteer, but we’d love for you to come for dinner!)
912 E. 31st Street
Kansas City, Missouri 64109

Following the Catholic Worker tradition of simplicity and autonomy, we are not a 501(c)3 non-profit, and so gifts to Holy Family are not tax-deductible.