Cottage Industries

Here at Holy Family we keep busy with all sorts of projects and cottage industries. We value working with our hands to create beautiful and useful things to enrich our lives. Some of these are house projects and some are ways we as individuals are working to support ourselves as we live here. Read, enjoy, and let us know if you are interested — we would love to share what we are learning!

Napkins and Tablecloths

For the meals we serve we have started using cloth napkins to reduce cost and waste. Of course, as they wear out or get lost, napkin-sewing is an ongoing project!  We always welcome more of these.

In the Kitchen

Various community members enjoy making yogurt, baking bread, cookies, jam, and wine and finding creative ways to resurrect the produce and other food that comes to us in various stages of near death.


During the spring, summer, and fall we have been expanding our side-lot garden to grow fresh food. A compost bin out back has enabled us to expand our composting — less waste in the trash and more food for the soil!

Laundry Detergent
We do a lot of laundry around the house, a load or two per day.  When we can, we love to use homemade soap- a recipe including Borax and bar soap.

… and more.

We’re always dreaming up something new to learn. Keep in touch — and we’d love to hear about any projects you have been working on lately!